80 Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

I’m a sucker for minimalism and Scandinaviandecor as I see real poetry in these clean lines, absence of patterns and simple textures.

If you also like such designs and want toapply them to your home, here’s a source of inspiration! These kitchens are very stylish, elegant anddecorated in perfect minimalist style: black, shades of grey, white, natural wood and concrete.

Grey and white are the most popular colors,they look perfect with light-colored natural wooden panels and concrete tops.

If you want your kitchen to look more dramatic,then go for black but don’t forget that it makes the space look smaller and you’llneed bigger windows or more lights.

Enliven the room with textures, statementlamps and maybe works of art.

Wanna turn on the brights? Rock juicy colors but keep the lines cleanand the tops smooth.

Look at the examples below and find the onesyou love!.

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