80 Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

Scandinavian design is one of the latest trendsin home decor, and I’m going to inspire you with stunning Scandi kitchens today! What’s Nordic decor about? White, grey and black, concrete, natural wood– such a space is always lively and full of light, Scandi decor reminds of minimalistand industrial but it’s a bit cozier and comfier.

Lots of white and light grey are perfect tomake your kitchen look bigger; concrete and wood aredurable and look awesome – that’s very functional.

Go for white as the main color, make accentswith grey and black, and you’ll get a timelessly decorated space; add rugs, accent lights andbrick walls for coziness.

So, Scandinavian decor has lots and lots ofadvantages, and no imperfections, get inspired by the eye-candies below!.

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