Trends For Kitchen Ideas 2018

My name is Noelene Cason from Interiors by Cason.

Your kitchen is probably the largest investment in your home and to do it correctly and have it work within the rest of your home with the materials that you select is really imperative.

Trends we're seeing on bench tops today Smaller thinner bench tops and a straight edge is really clean look.

You could also use timber.

As far as finishes for cabinetry goes, laminate is really the most versatile.

You can select from handles to what we call 'shark fin' finish where there is no handles, it gives you a very simplistic look.

Storage in your kitchen is imperative that you are maximising on every little piece that there is.

A larger kitchen where the largest space can be a bit of an overkill you're doing a lot of walking.

Using drawers instead of cupboards in the kitchen today is really the way to go There's a lot of different sinks and tapware available today, and we're seeing black sinks.

We're all familiar with our stainless steel sinks, you can have sinks that are molded from your bench tops.

Trends for colours of kitchens today Neutrals and timber is becoming a real feature.

We're also seeing where you break up the colours in your cabinetry, from the top cupboards are in one colour and then going down to the cupboards underneath your bench top are in a dark.

Lighting within your kitchen is really important, you need to have good light where you're working and often under bench space, under cupboards on the top to have what we call 'task lighting' is really important, it can light up that space and make it a lot easier to work with.

You can have decorative lighting which pendants are often seen today above your island bench , LED downlights, flush with the ceiling are really very on-trend.

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